Go Press & Foil – I Crave Foil Case


Go Press & Foil – I Crave Foil Case

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This set includes a plastic foil storage case plus the following colours:
(Substitutions may apply dependant upon stock availability)

CO725353 Foil – Silver (Iridescent Digital Pattern)

CO725354 Foil – Gold (Yellow Matte Finish)

CO725356 Foil – Gold (Iridescent Speckled Pattern)

CO725359 Foil – Pink (Mirror Finish)

CO725361 Foil – Red (Matte Finish)

CO725386 Foil – Gold (Iridescent Shavings Pattern)

CO725393 Foil – Navy Blue (Light Iridescent Finish)

CO725679 Foil – Green (Light Mirror Finish)

CO725681 Foil – Maroon (Matte Finish)

CO725698 Foil – Red Hologram (Mirror Finish)

CO725701 Foil – Petal Pink (Pearl Finish)

CO725704 Foil – Phantom Purple (Mirror Finish)

CO726057 Foil – Rainbow Spots (Mirror Finish)

CO726072 Foil – Blue (Diamond Mirror Finish)

CO726075 Foil – Grey (Translucent Matte Finish)

CO725696 Foil – Red Copper (Mirror Finish)