Jacquard Dorland’s Wax Medium 20ml


Jacquard Dorland’s Wax Medium

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Dorland’s Wax is a versatile cold wax medium made from pure wax and damar resin. Popular as a protective topcoat for sealing and finishing a variety of media from oil paintings to collage, Dorland’s Wax is especially popular as a varnish for watercolour and gouache paintings. Dorland’s Wax provides a durable waterproof finish, adding depth to colour and allowing for glassless framing and display. The finish is malleable: leave it rough for a matte effect or buff with a rag after drying for a uniform high gloss. Dorland’s Wax is a sealant, varnish, and medium, all in one. It won’t yellow over time, and will protect artwork for the ages.

Topcoat finish for:
Watercolours, gouache, oils, acrylic, wood, polymer clay, pencil drawing, pen and ink, pour art, canvas, encaustics, ceramics, mixed media, collage, art paper & more.

Mixable with:
Oil colours, dry pigments, Mica Pigments, dye powders, charcoal, mineral spirits, turpentine, solvents & more.